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GIVEAWAY: Vinyl Test Pressing Signed by RZA & Mathematics

Teddy Stratis


  • John

    Keeping real HIP HOP alive..!
    Thank you for years of inspiration.

  • moniboat

    wu-tang is for the babies <3

  • Ameena Beyah

    Peace they want me out like a flying Hafez, the jungle is wild, they got loose and wild animals out there.I sit and in placid awakening , I wonder whom cares? Riding on subways and buses , I wonder where the Creation is so congested? Everyday peace Allah ( set) we always tested.Early bird they say catch the bluebird getting the worm.Testing hip-hop so that we can see the light with the enlighteners.Instead I get bombarded by the 10 percent foreigners.They think I am sweet and have me depleted of nutrition, they do a lot of talk , but guess whose listening? Somebody talking about stir fry, while they forgot about how the tears used to fall out of the rapper Tupac’s eyes, If I ever met y’all I would be very enjoyed to meet y’all and elaborate on the building of self and society.Going towards society’s frills, we still want to know , what’s the deal? They told me to go to a spa or something take a chill.Get insurance and don’t t play with the dollar bills.
    Money that C.E.A.M. is nothing to joke with, try building self esteem.Y’all still o.k. in my book probably living every Blackman’s dream.They told me at least learn the Student Enrollment then engage in the Blackman’s cream. Get a new team so that people’s can stay focused and have a perpendicular lines or parallel lines being with a firm foundation the nutrients are fortified!!!

  • Southpaw

    The impact will blow trees back and crack statues!

  • thinkgood

    …the problem is: how to teach instagram-people to change entering habits…to any place…

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