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GIVEAWAY: Vinyl Test Pressing Signed by RZA & Mathematics

Teddy Stratis


  • Drew Savage

    They keep saying hip-hop is dead.. how can that be when Wu-Tang is forever

  • Valerie Moss

    🎤🎶Wu’s what you want baby n what you need baby.. they are so fly…keeps it high..u cannot buy baby..I wanna win baby..cause I have been baby…their best the land Wu tang Clan is my band baby..


    WU TANG SHAOLIN. The teachings from you albums have kept me moving forward in my life. I thank you for that WU.

  • andres

    Wutang is for children! Greetings from Chile would be a great honor to have this piece in my collection!

  • Will James, Aka The Razor Sharp Kidd.

    Wu fam, 2017 was hard on the god, lost my daughter, lost a good job lost a lot of fake friebds, moneys tight but i got an amazing girl and 2 beautiful daughters, even if i dont see them much. Your music changed my life, rza, you where who i wanted to be back like a few years ago, your the only member ive never seen in person or talked to, sorry mr. Meth pittsburgh club logga, i got your white shoe, gave it mack much love on autograph, thanks cap, thanks rae, thanks ghost, deck you where other side stage that was like 8 years ago black nights wu, and ibwana say allah mathmatics, but i smoke that cali, and from pa, lol. Triumph still the song i sing in long lines to this day

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