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Tim Westwood Freestyle featuring RZA, Math, and Reverend William Burke

Teddy Stratis

During our London PR leg, we dropped by Tim Westwood's show for a freestyle. Tim Westwood actually got a nice break as RZA & Math jumped on the turntables for it. 

A couple highlights to look out for: Mathematics freestyles on camera for the fist time, Reverend William Burke lays down some heat, and even 36 Chamber Co-Founder Mustafa Shaikh finds his way onto the camera.

Don't forget, for those fans that want the physical music, the Vinyl and CD for "Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues is now shipping! Each copy comes with an exclusive digital version of the album.


  • Sike173

    You can’t fuck with the SHAOLIN…love the music since day one…and I’m feeling the threads 36 CHAMBERS BABY…!!! #WuTangClan

  • Dying Breed

    Exactly why I’ve been a Loyal Fan of the WU since 94. Their diversity is their strength, and it is impossible to more diverse that they are. Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. #WUTANG

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