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Wu Wisdom: Peace

Mustafa Shaikh

The following is an excerpt from RZA's "Tao of Wu."

Peace. The word comes from Islam and is meant to be a universal greeting. It’s the only word I use to begin and end each communication with my fellow man. “Peace”—it’s the absence of confusion. “Peace”—it’s the prevention of conflict. “Peace”—it establishes both parties on a ground of mutual respect no matter who they are. “Peace”—it’s universal. If an alien jumps in front of your ass—comes at you, like “BLAAH!” —you can still say “Peace.” He may even understand you.

Peace. The whole energy of the word itself is good.


But as they say, come in peace, but prepare for war.

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  • Adrian Gude

    Perpetuation entails a consistent energy. I strive to perpetuate myself forward in my travels through the physical realm. Before my energy is released, I will collect as much through my forward moving consistency as possible so when the day comes to return to the gasses, the outpouring of beautiful energy will cover the earth, unforgotten, for infinity. Peace, Raheem Allah and thank you for everything…

  • BLoodyoptician

    The word Salaam should be adopted into the English dictionary, as words from French and Dutch.
    I think it holds a stronger meaning of peace than the word peace itself

  • Positive Proof

    Peace means unity. It’s why when I throw the peace sign my two fingers are together ??Not apart like ✌?Always together. If people knew the power of unity but divide & conquer is a strategy that billions of dollars are invested in it to keep you divided & conquered. We all the same whether a black Jamaican or a black Brazilian or Tan or Yellow. We just a different shade but all original men of the planet earth. Peace!

  • CesarX19

    Salaam. If you say it in Spanish “Paz” you can say it quicker. Great way to manage your time.



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