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Wu Wisdom: "Tang is the slang, Wu is the way"

Teddy Stratis

The following is an excerpt from RZA's "Tao of Wu."

Studying with Sifu, I learned that kung fu was less a fighting style and more about the cultivation of the spirit. What made a Shaolin monk so tough was his mastery of chi—the fact he could make contact with the Earth and draw the energy from it through him. His chi translates as “the grand extreme” and breaks all ideas, forces, and objects into opposites, yin and yang. But wu-chi, which translates as “no extremes,” came before tai chi. It’s infinite, the source of all power, and it’s all one.

A lot of people in our culture see life in terms of opposites—like, good versus evil, me versus you, valuable versus worthless, black versus white. Taoists believe you have to see beyond these to find their essential union. When Wu-Tang Clan started out, we had the saying “Tang is the slang, Wu is the way.” I didn’t know the tai chi meaning of it then, but it turns out I was on the money. In a way, Wu-Tang pointed me to a wisdom that unified Mathematics and Taoism, that showed me their essential harmony.

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  • armour buddha

    reading…many thoughts of many henry southgate…………………….jewls for dayz rza.
    just memorized all i-ching elements in order and at ramdom….11peace…heaven below the earth,
    see what im saijin is that if heaven is below the earth then we turn earth into heaven….

  • Rahmat

    It’s really awesome to read and remind these here, life is great, thanks RZA,
    Word up from Iran.


    This is deep n using this science n applying it to everyday of life makes u Supreme when applied its the wisdom of the universe truth of Allah his nation for great orderly direction

  • Ryan

    We have more in common than we have differences.

    Even then, differences are what make us unique individuals and should be celebrated. I would be worried if there were a hundred identical Ryans running around.

    Thanks RZA! Bong Bong

  • Arnold

    Wow, I send me more articles, readings, etc like this please wuuuu! I love reading about these techniques/perspectives, I am absolutely interested and going to be devoted in this.

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